Amazing result from Plastic Bag Ban

Amazing result from Plastic Bag Ban

It has been almost a year since Queensland’s plastic bag ban came into effect on July 1 2018. The ban one-step closer to reducing single use plastic items and ensuring a cleaner environment for generations to come.

The new laws saw the traditional free plastic shopping bags vanish from stores, something some shoppers we not entirely happy with however others embraced the change, applauding Coles and Woolworths for leading an environmental change.

Since introducing reusable bags, the country’s two largest supermarkets have prevented an estimated 1.5 billion bags from entering the environment and the retail industry is hopeful this is only the beginning.

To celebrate this milestone Mount Sheridan Plaza are offering customers a free reusable tote bag with any purchase throughout June at participating retailers. Offering customers the opportunity to simply shop at Mount Sheridan Plaza and receive a coupon to be redeemed at the centre Management office.

Marketing and Customer Experience Manager Kay Judd says “”For business, for the environment, for the consumer and of course even for councils which have to work to remove these things from landfill, there’s a multitude of benefits on a whole to doing this.””

Over the last 7 years, Mount Sheridan Plaza has grown into one of the major shopping destinations in Cairns catering for the expanding population in the southern suburbs. Ensuring that as a shopping centre we identify ways in which we can improve our systems, procedures, environmental product offerings and reduce the carbon footprint on the environment.

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