Walk inside the mall to improve your health and fitness

Why not get your steps up by doing laps of the Centre? Our mall is the perfect place for people to enjoy walking – the floor is nice and flat, it’s cool and quiet inside, and it’s safe and away from traffic. When you join the Walking Group at Mt Sheridan Plaza, you can walk with others, or on your own, and how long you walk for is completely up to you. This is a community-run initiative and free to participate in. If you have young children with you, simply bring the pram and they can enjoy the morning stroll with you.

So how does it work?

Walkers meet at 7:15 am on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at the north-western entry doors at the Coles end of the Centre. People do laps of the Centre (see map below) from 7:30am-8:30am, however it’s up to each individual how long to walk for.

After walking, you can enjoy a coffee and snack at a discounted rate thanks to our cafes (see below). These deals are valid from 8:30-10am on Tuesday and Thursday.

To join the Walking Group and get moving, please visit Centre Management. We’ll issue you with a membership card and lanyard.

IMPORTANT: If you any have health issues impacted by exercise, please discuss them with your Doctor before joining.