Mount Sheridan Plaza Creates Pet Plaza Parking

Mount Sheridan Plaza Creates Pet Plaza Parking

Mount Sheridan Plaza is asking customers to take the pledge to never leave their dog in vehicles.

To assist shoppers and to offer a viable alternative to leaving pets in the car, on Monday, January 20, 2020, Mount Sheridan Plaza installed Pet Parking adjacent to the Western Entrance (Coles), tethered away from the busy entrance.

Pet-friendly parking is quickly becoming the necessary infrastructure for a growing pet-friendly society.

Each Pet Parking cubicle features a secure latch to loop around your leash leaving you hands-free, a water bowl, pet clean-up bags and a comfortable astroturf mat.

Marketing & Customer Experience Manager Kay Judd said “Shoppers are encouraged only to use the area when shaded, not to leave dangerous or unsocial pets in the area, and to leave your pet at your own risk with a suitable harness. The cubicles aim to keep pets as comfortable as possible and show our customers and staff that pet safety is important to us. In ten minutes on a hot day, your car can jump from 25’C to 38’C.”

“We want to cater to pet owners, and make it easier for people to visit when taking pets on daily walks and running errands,” says Centre Manager, Angela Liversage.

Customer Eric John Phillips said, “This is such a great innovation the other Shopping Centres need to take a leaf out Mount Sheridan Plaza’s book and start being more personable and looking at their customer’s needs”.