Price is Right at the Plaza

Price is Right at the Plaza

“Come on down, you’re the next contestant on The Price Is Right!”

If you were a child of the ’80s or ’90s, you likely dreamed of hearing those words in person as you placed your bid right along with the overexcited participants in Contestants’. Because in a time before DVR—when the idea of watching television on the Internet seemed like some futuristic flying car —tuning in to watch the magic on 7 from 81-85 and on Nine from 93-98 Larry Emdur that saw participants play what are essentially carnival games in the hopes of walking away with a pool table and, ideally, a new car! was the highlight of many evenings.

Contestants would loose their minds over the prospect of meeting then-host, the legendary Larry Emdur and announcer Shawn Cosgrove. This format involved four pricing games; after the second and fourth games, a Showcase Showdown was played, with a $1,000 bonus for achieving a total score of $1. The two Showdown winners then competed in the Showcase Playoff, with the winner advancing to the Showcase. Beginning in 2004, before certain prices were revealed, the contestants were tempted with a “cash buyout” of between $1,000 and $50,000.

There were so many fun games that you could play at home from the Dice Game, Cover Up and the good old Grocery Game which is a spinoff of what we are bringing to you here at the Plaza throughout October.

To bring back those memories we have teamed up with Kormos, Florist Gardens, Alive Pharmacy, Hope Physio, Jackleys Bakehouse, JSL Phone Repairs, Optus, Pacific Beauty, Mt Sheridan Newspower, Just Cuts, Kaisercraft, Meraki Curlz, Millers, Mister Minit, Mr Meats, Mr Chicken, Optical Superstore, Mt Sheridan Car Wash (logo), 12 RNDS, Williams, TSG, The Reject Shop, Telstra, Rockmans, Tazmyrtle Designs, Noni B and The Coffee Club to offer you the chance to share in $6,000 of prizes!

We want to fill your shopping trolley with products from our shops and give you the chance to win them.

One shopper will be selected at random whilst shopping here at the Plaza between Thursday October 1 to Friday October 30 and offered the opportunity to become a contestant on “The Price is Right at the Plaza”

Each participant will receive 3 guesses to get within $20 of the correct purchase price of the items, if they guess correctly they will win all prizes within the cube.


Take the challenge and let us see if you can. Let the game begin!