Santa’s Arrival

Santa’s Arrival


Mount Sheridan Plaza enjoys the tremendous privilege each holiday season of hosting the most amazing Santa Claus and this year we have a brand new Santa Set. It is a wonderful honour that Santa travels to Mount Sheridan Plaza Mall in preparation for his world tour on Christmas Eve.

Santa will be in the mall from Saturday 26th, he arrives at 9:30am and he can’t wait to see you. Santa is bringing his elves and pal Po from Kung Fu Panda and will share some time on stage together. Santa will be busting moves and singing Christmas tunes. You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for additional updates.

The Valley of Peace is under attack and there is only one Dragon Warrior who can stop it!

Po is coming to Mount Sheridan Plaza to recruit an army of warriors whom he will take on an adventurous journey to become legendary Kung Fu masters. Po and his Kung Fu master friends learn to master their chi in order to become the most powerful band of Kung Fu warriors. Recruits will learn the skills of the furious five enabling them to reach total awesomeness!

Kids will be able to meet PO from Kung Fu Panda at 10am and 1pm and have their photo taken in a rare opportunity on Saturday 26th November, we look forward to seeing you.

PO will be on stage at 11am and 12noon performing his Warrior Of Peace Stage Show.

You will be able to enjoy an action packed programme of family entertainment this summer here at Mount Sheridan Plaza.

Zinc local FM radio station will be here broadcasting live and to welcome Santa and PO to Cairns and especially Mount Sheridan Plaza.

Whether you are young or old, there is a high chance that the Kung Fu Panda franchise has impacted you throughout your life, it could be through film or through literature but I know they have left a warm feeling in our hearts.