Share the Love

Share the Love

You can make a difference! We’re not asking for money, or any real time, just your nomination of a local charity, not-for-profit, or community interest group in FNQ. Anyone can nominate, and that one act could potentially mean a significant CASH donation to those trying to make a difference in our local community.

Part 1. Nominations
August 1 – 31

Nominate a group on our Share the Love Facebook post and they’ll be in the running. You can nominate as many organisations as you like, and from all of Share the Love nominations we receive, 4 will be selected to be part of our Share the Love voting campaign.

Part 2. Voting
September 1-30

With each purchase made in September you will receive a token to place inside a Share the Love jar – this will be your vote and every time you shop you’ll get another token and can cast another vote. These tokens will help decide which group comes in 1st place for $1,200, 2nd for $600, 3rd for $500 and 4th for $200 sharing in the total cash pool of $2,500!

So share the love by nominating and voting and you’ll be helping us to make it a movement!

Share the Love Terms and Conditions