The Bill Buddy at Mount Sheridan Plaza a BIG WIN for shoppers!

The Bill Buddy at Mount Sheridan Plaza a BIG WIN for shoppers!

This time of year can put a real drain on your household budget. Christmas expenses, holiday, credit card, electricity, Covid, flooding, bills from getting the kids back to school. WHAT are the chances of stacking the trolley with the week’s supplies, walking to the counter to pay and finding someone else waiting there, ready to help you pay the bill? Well, Mount Sheridan Plaza are here to help.

Each weekday from Friday March 1 to Thursday March 31, Mount Sheridan Plaza are offering you the chance to have your bill paid at the till! Simply shop at the Plaza and if you are approached by the Bill Buddy, you will have been selected and WIN instantly and your product and or service will be paid for by the Bill Buddy with up to $5,000 to help you with your Bill at the Till!

Shopper Shelley Phillips was shopping in the mall on Tuesday March 1 and won her bill to the value of $101.85.

Shelly Phillips says “THANK YOU, I wish to thank you so very very very much for paying our shopping bill today. Yes it did come at a great time, as we have just needed to fly to Victoria, for my brother’s funeral.
Many thanks, Mt Sheridan is our local shopping center, there is a good variety there, and the Center has great children’s holiday activities.” Shelly Phillips said.

Kay Judd Marketing and Customer Experience Manager said “Now is the time to give local businesses your support while they are changing in front of you. This will ensure they survive the current change taking place within our community. Our key objective moving forward is to reward our existing customer base and offer them more value” 

Let’s Go Camping: Win 1 of 2 packages full of camping gear with Mount Sheridan Plaza

Always wanted to go camping, but never had the right gear? Or perhaps you’re a seasoned traveller who loves the open road and can’t get enough of Far North Queensland and the great outdoors.

Whatever your situation, there is nothing like having all the right equipment to start your great adventure and here’s a chance to get everything you need for your road trip at once.

Mount Sheridan Plaza and Anaconda has specially designed an adventure package to award 2 shoppers in the lead up to Easter for the most satisfying and useful camping experience imaginable.

From Tuesday March 1 through to Thursday March 31, simply shop at the Plaza and spend a minimum of $15 in any speciality retailer and $30 in any major retailer and with your receipt, place in the entry boxes provided.

Mount Sheridan Plaza has supplied a pack of camping equipment to ensure you’re ready to handle the great outdoors in style.

“You, your family and friends can delight in using the camping gear and stay at one of our region’s most incredible camping spots, Upper Davies Creek campground in the Dinden National Park or the Babinda Boulders just to name a few. Says Kay Judd Marketing and Customer Experience Manager.”

Wherever you choose to go for your camping holiday, you’ll get there fully kitted out and ready for anything.

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