The Book Exchange is here!

The Book Exchange is here!

Book lovers of Cairns have the chance to access an array of literature at the Mount Sheridan Plaza Book Exchange from Monday March 26. The Book Exchange is launching in conjunction with Mission Australia and Communities for Children as a joint community initiative to offer readers the chance find their favourite novels – for free.

The Exchange provides readers the opportunity to swap books at no cost. Running on an honestly policy in that if you take a book, you are asked to replace it with another book. Love it, Read it, Return it!

Mount Sheridan Plaza Marketing Manager Kay Judd said “the idea of the book exchange provides an opportunity for people to share books that people may no longer want or love but no longer need”

“You bring a book that means something to you, that you would like to share with others. Then you take a book away that somebody else has brought,” Mrs Judd said. “It’s a give-one-take-one scenario.”

“We hope that the joy of literature and reading will be made more convenient with this new community initiative” says Angela Liversage Centre Manager

Readers can embrace the TAKE, SWAP, DONATE by attending to the stand or alternatively drop them off to the Centre Management Office at Mount Sheridan Plaza between 9am-5pm weekdays.

Mrs Judd is delighted to have already received hundreds of book donations from patrons and people within the community and is searching for many more.

Accompanying the book exchange, is a unique, shelving unit encasing the books, donated by Jeff Flanagan from Gauntlet Games.

The book exchange is open Monday and Wednesday 10am-2pm and Saturdays from 9am-1pm, located next to the Justice of the Peace service for all age readers.

For more information contact Kay Judd or call 4036 3150

Media Contact:

Kay Judd

Marketing Manager

4036 3150