Sports Sign On

Sports Sign On

Cairns is already the hottest destination for beautiful beaches, breath-taking nature adventures, and the tastiest food and produce in Queensland. What more does it have to offer? That’s right, sports!

While it may be unknown to many, Cairns carries a rich background in Australian sports. With stunning views at a turn of your head, there are countless clubs and activities that offer beautiful locations for your favourite activities. You don’t have to be a celebrated athlete to enjoy sport in Cairns, either. Cairns provides a home for all spectrums of sporting life, from extreme players to casual enthusiasts. Let’s take a look at some of the various sports offered here in the far north.

Sports on offer

No matter your sports background, Cairns welcomes everyone with a variety of ways to enjoy sport. From gorgeous golf courses and biking trails to adrenaline-filled skydiving spots, Cairns is sure to satisfy all levels of lifestyles. Plus, with such a unique location that welcomes all types of sport, there’s no doubt that Cairns houses some incredible athletes, from paralympians to mountain bikers.

Being part of a sport is more than just that, it’s about being a member of your community. The fun, the social aspect, the comradery and the health benefits the list goes on. When you are part of a sporting environment, group and or team it doesn’t just come down to the best player it is about everyone in that team.

You learn to accept decisions, working as a team, working with people and there different abilities. Kids learn that things simply don’t go there way at times and that this is ok. Learning important and personal values. Sport is great for mental health for all ages and throughout February we are celebrating sport here at MSP!!

During the month of February 2019 Mount Sheridan Plaza offer all sporting clubs and organisations into the mall! This provides the sporting clubs the opportunity to set up their very own trade table open to the public and build awareness and exposure their brand to the masses.

We have some great clubs amazing sports and clubs involved this year. Come along and visit the many teams we will have featured across February.

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Playing sport teaches you many things-

How to be part of a team!